Chuck Knight

I was born in Texas and in my early childhood my family moved to New Mexico, when I graduated from high school.  After graduation, we moved to California where I attended college, but my education was cut short by Uncle Sam’s need to have me travel to a foreign county, to enhance my life as a young man.  I told Uncle Sam that I really didn’t need to visit a foreign country, and I was actually very happy with college life.  As it turned out, my desires were not a consideration.

After my visit to the foreign country, I re-entered college life, but soon found out that I could not survive on the G.I. Bill.   I needed a new truck, had to pay rent, buy groceries and have an occasional beer.  To solve these problems, I went to work for a contractor in the Central Coast area, where I remained for approximately 8 years, getting married along the way.

  In 1977 my wife and I moved to Yreka, and had four kids to help us in our old age.  I got my contractors license in 1977 and moved through life raising kids, running a business, coaching youth sports and riding my mules and mountain bikes.  I have always enjoyed the outdoor life and started an outdoor adventure business, called Suburban Safaris, with a good friend. The adventure business was fun and I met a lot of nice people, but it did take time, money and a lot of energy.   So I had to let it go.  After the adventure business went down, I was able to spend more time riding my mule in nature which is the best mind cleansing, heart healthy prescription you can get.  The only side effects are peace of mind, clear focusing and satisfaction.

I was first licensed in real estate in 1984, but returned to construction after two years due to a slow down in real estate. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I traveled around the States doing construction on the build out of cell phone towers.  From 2003 to about 2013, I continued to work in the housing construction industry until I semi-retired in 2013.  At this point I returned to real estate and am using my experience and knowledge gained in the housing industry to help clients make informed decisions regarding any real estate endeavors.  If you think my experience and knowledge could benefit you, give me a call at (530) 598-1640 or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you.